Jagoda Bobrowska (Poland,1988) is a choreographer and dancer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She graduated from Ballet School in Poznań, Poland (2007) and the Choreography Department at Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Academy (2011). 

Since 2012 she has been mainly working with Danstheater Aya, under the direction of Wies Bloemen, where she performed in several productions. She has also danced for makers such as Conny Jannsen, Jakko Toivonen, Meta Roding, Svetlin Velchev, Lotte Rischen, and Jakop Ahlbom.           

As a choreographer, she combines strong physical modern dance with theatrical elements. She works with dance, theater, text and video. Combing all these elements, she focuses her work on the flaws and absurdity of surrounding us reality.

The rest of her time she spends developing her passion for film and photography. She creates poetic images and translates words into stories. Her work consists of videoclips and art/dance videos.