Bunker 599

This time I’ve been asked to join a location project by In Motie. The performance is located in beautiful area of Culemborg(NL).
The choreographer Meta Rooding took Bunker599 as her main inspiration. The bunker was build originally in 1939 to protect up to 13 soldiers during bomb raids. In 2010 the bunker was cut in half and turned into beautiful war memorial.
Meta Rooding and 5 dancers (J.Bobrowska, M.van Uden, S.Zeegers, Y.Fros, M.Weeda) combined modern dance, location of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterline and history and transformed it into a physical performance. Come to see it!

When: 3,4,10,11 September
Time: 13:00, 14:30, 16:00
Where: Molenkade 5, Culemborg (for some navigation systems: Diefdijk 4, Everdingen)
Tickets: 10 euro

more info: www.inmotiedans.nl

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