This time I’ve been asked to join a location project by In Motie. The performance is located in beautiful area of Culemborg(NL).
The choreographer Meta Rooding took Bunker599 as her main inspiration. The bunker was build originally in 1939 to protect up to 13 soldiers during bomb raids. In 2010 the bunker was cut in half and turned into beautiful war memorial.
Meta Rooding and 5 dancers (J.Bobrowska, M.van Uden, S.Zeegers, Y.Fros, M.Weeda) combined modern dance, location of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterline and history and transformed it into a physical performance. Come to see it!

When: 3,4,10,11 September
Time: 13:00, 14:30, 16:00
Where: Molenkade 5, Culemborg (for some navigation systems: Diefdijk 4, Everdingen)
Tickets: 10 euro

more info:

I’m participating in Flux trajectory, a new initiative for independent choreographers in Rotterdam, created by Circle Rotterdamwith collaboration with SKVR and Maas. I had 5 weeks to create a piece with the group of amateur/semi professional dancers.
I was really lucky to get a group of really talented and friendly people. Come and see the result of their hard work.
My piece is called “Here” and it’s going to premiere 24th June 2016 in Maas Podium in Rotterdam.

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photography: Richard Beukelaar

I’m a part of the project “Van Jong Talent en Oude Dagen”. This project was created from the initiative of Marieke van der Delft. She invited 3 young makers: singer-songwriter Rikke Korswagen, theater maker Sara Bouwman and choreographer Jagoda Bobrowska (me) to create a performance for the elderly living in nursing homes. The inspiration to make this performance comes from the stories told by the elderly. We had our first try out with the audience. In December we start our little tour of 10 performances in Rotterdam.

We still need some extra money to continue our project. To support us click here